Received Bill, Paid Bill

Recently I’ve been having a lot of trouble with finances. Basically, I’ve been spending more than I have. My mom tries to help me but she tends to freak out when things get overwhelming money-wise so she was just kind of frustrated with me in general. But July changed it all. I took 2 months off of school, my first break in a year, and decided I was going to accomplish some things in my time off. Here’s my list so far:

1. Personal Image (I talked a little about this in my last post)
2. Money
3. Cultivating Friendships
4. Organize my life

Since I’ve been working on number one a lot lately, I set July for the start of number two. So, I started a budget. First, lets back track a couple steps.

I’m a member of and LOVE IT!!! I read a lot and I love the smell of old books and the feel of flipping pages. Since I was having so much trouble with money the last few months I decided it was time to break down and read some Dave Ramsey. Before now I never really had any money to budget so I figured it would be a lost cause to read it. I found one copy of an old publication of his book and decided that would be the one I read since it was free. The book came and the person who sent it to me even added $5 – mom pointed out this was to get me started saving – so I felt like I was already on top. I had heard wonderful things about so I logged in and made a budget. Then I waited for July to roll around because I was already in the hole for June. July hit, my paycheck hit, and I started allocating money and paying bills. I love watching those little green lines go up and turn into yellow lines that show I’ve paid the bill for the month.
Now onto the bill paying part. I know I can’t pay all my medical bills, and my parents do help me some, so I put a couple of co-payments worth of money in my budget to start off with. Today, I got a bill. It was a small co-payment for some lab work and since I was already on top of printing my EOBs from my insurance company (a step into #4) I knew I owed it. So, I paid it. It feels so good to get a medical bill and be able to pay it. I feel like after all this time, I’m getting my adult-ness back. When your life derails into oblivion, to have this feeling again is like a weight off your shoulders.

I know it’s only been 5 days in but I’m doing very well. I did make some unintended purchases but before I made them I always thought, which little green line and I going to give up to make this purchase? If it wasn’t worth a green line, I put it down and walked away. Some things just aren’t worth it, some things are. I know I’ll have to tweak my budget in the next few months to get it where I want it to be, but right now I feel empowered. Life is on track and feeling good.

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2 thoughts on “Received Bill, Paid Bill

  1. Crazynoiia says:

    Dave Ramsey gives great advice! Always worth the read. The baby steps make it really easy to follow his advice!!! I’m not sure which of his books you are reading but I haven’t found one I didn’t love!

  2. rena says:

    Sounds like a great way to budget, you always work better when you have color coding to go by. I wish I could organize like you.

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