Mary Kay Ash – Miracles Happen

Miracles Happen: The Life and Timeless Principles of the Founder of Mary Kay Inc.Miracles Happen: The Life and Timeless Principles of the Founder of Mary Kay Inc. by Mary Kay Ash

I received this book from Mary Kay Inc in my starter kit and since I’m the type of person who wants to know everything, I started reading. Mary Kay Ash has a way of motivating you while telling of a harder time in American history. Her stories are wonderful, and very personal. This inspired me in a cheesy “I can do it all” kind of way. Mary Kay was born at a different time and struggled because she was woman. Because of this, she was inspired to create a new business to help other women. The model of business based on the golden rule was unique and most were skeptical. Her motto was God first, Family second, Career third. By putting everything in perspective, she was able to become very successful.

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Brooklyn Girls Review – ARC

Brooklyn GirlsBrooklyn Girls by Gemma Burgess
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

ARC from Goodreads.

I really liked this book. Pia just can’t get her life together and as a privileged young adult, her parents are on her case. I love living with roommates in my own life, and I’ve always wanted to live in New York. I could really relate to this book and the characters in it. It was kind of predictable, but it was an easy read. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was because of the harsh language. I feel like a lot of it was unnecessary.

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Financial Peace

Financial Peace: Restoring Financial Hope to You and Your FamilyFinancial Peace: Restoring Financial Hope to You and Your Family by Dave Ramsey
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

First point – This book was a little outdated to be of much use. I was hoping to get into the envelope system more, but I think I’ll have to look elsewhere for that information. At this point in my life (single, just enough to pay necessities, student) I’m not seeing how I can squeeze anymore out and save for anything. I don’t really agree with his “no credit cards” stance because having credit cards can get you great deals with cash back and extra savings if paid off every month. Overall, I think I want to read some current information from Dave.

My second point – the reviews on this book are either LOVE or HATE. As I was reading I found it important to live your life by certain principles to even make this a viable option. As a single woman with no children I was reminded of values that I hold in high regards. One, choose who I marry wisely. If he can’t handle money beforehand, he wont be able to handle it after we are married either. This goes for me too. I need to learn these principles now. Two, and this has been my motto for years, don’t have children I can’t pay for, and with men that wont pay for them. This will set me up for financial failure. I think this is where some of the hate comes from with this book.

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Nevermore – Novel of Love, Loss & Edgar Allan Poe

Nevermore -  Novel of Love, Loss, & Edgar Allan PoeNevermore – Novel of Love, Loss, & Edgar Allan Poe by David Niall Wilson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I won this book from the author and he sent me an autographed copy with an inscription made out to me. I was a little skeptical because I’m not normally interested in this genre, but I was willing to give it a go anyways. I’m so glad I did because I LOVED this book. I started out reading with a very critical eye and as soon as I got into the story-line, it won me over. The story was about Edgar meeting a lady (Lenore) in an inn in the Great Dismal Swamp and the magic that the two are blessed (cursed?) with. The writings of Poe were mixed in with Grimm’s Fairy Tales a a little bit of magic to make the plot line just a little bit more awesome. I carried this book everywhere and read a paragraph every time I could get one in. I couldn’t put it down. When I finished the book I immediately looked up Poe’s work just to refresh myself and see how the two tied together. Wilson has done a great job portraying his interpretation of what led to the writing of The Raven. This book is saying in my library for a long time!

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Intercessory Prayer by Dutch Sheets

Intercessory Prayer: How God Can Use Your Prayers to Move Heaven and EarthIntercessory Prayer: How God Can Use Your Prayers to Move Heaven and Earth by Dutch Sheets
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Not for the spiritually unresolved or those lacking in faith. Must be firm in your beliefs to read and take this book for what it is. I LOVE the translating parts of it where Hebrew and Greek words are given, however I don’t agree with everything that Sheets says. Even though he gives scriptural backing for his opinions some of what he deducts seems to be taken out of context in the passages. I would’ve put it down if a trusted mentor had not recommended it to me, and even then it took me 2 years to finish because I kept putting it down.

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