Getting down to business

I recently embarked on a journey to get more out of life. My goal this summer was to get a handle or improve the following:

1. Personal Image
2. Money
3. Cultivating Friendships
4. Organize my life

Well, here’s my third installment of how I’m doing!

Sunday, July 28, 2013 I did something I never thought I’d do in a million years…I signed a new consultant contract with Mary Kay and my beautiful friend Olivia. It all started with the personal image part of my journey. I bought some makeup from Mary Kay because I’ve always loved the brand. Olivia was doing a “Spend it to End it” campaign and asked if I would do a party where proceeds could go to the End it Movement. Of course, I was thrilled because this was part of my cultivating friendships step. So on Sunday she came over and did her wonderful skin care party. There I was, about to make my 2nd purchase of almost $150 and it hit me – what if I became a consultant and did it for personal use? The starter kit was $100 so I went for it.

As soon as I received my welcome email I started looking through all the information and realized, I could actually do this. I talked to my financial adviser and decided I could invest a little money and actually make a business out of this. Lets see if this can click the money box.

As I made my first order I realized…where am I gonna put all this stuff? I have tons of scrapbook stuff left over from my last venture. So, I decided to sell it! No one is buying it yet, but I’m planning a yardsale soon and I’m getting everyone involved. There goes the organizing my life box! I’m on FIRE!


New Blog

Hey peeps, I have moved my old blog to and am now going to start a new blog here.  I feel like my life is in a whole new place since I created that blog and I need to reflect that in my writing.  Hopefully I can get some new stuff down and not let this one go so long without posts.